ÿþCan Aggressive Dogs Be Saved

Aggression and dogs can be a very dangerous combination. Depending on the severity of aggression displayed and the dog s age, the canine may not be able to be rehabilitated. <a href="https://hireinfluence.com/"><strong>influencer marketing</strong></a> Each dog is examined individually to determine if the pup can be saved from its aggressive actions. What is an Aggressive Dog? An aggressive dog in one that growls, snaps, and bites other people, dogs or other animals for no apparent reason. It is important to rule out any possible underlying medical conditions to make sure the dog is not acting out due to an illness or injury. If there is no medical reason for your dog s actions, watch the dog closely to determine what type of aggression he is displaying. Dominance Aggression: Dominance aggression occurs when a dog acts dominant over other animals and people. Typically, this aggression is prominent in alpha males and certain dog breeds. Fear-Based Aggression: Is when aggressiveness happens out of fear. If a dog feels threatened, the dog may act defensively, and snap and bite at a person, typically, once they have turned away, unless the dog is extremely fearful. This aggression is common in dogs with an abusive past. Territorial Aggression: Territorial aggression usually takes place when a dog acts possessive over things, like a food dish, toys or bed. The dog may snap or bite at someone or another dog when they get too close to one of these  things . This type of aggression could occur with any dog, but may be caused due to a lack of training or socialization. Tips to Engage & Rehabilitate Dog If you have determined that your dog is showing signs of aggression, it is important to take action quickly to help resolve your dog s specific aggression issues through training and establish, or reestablish your leadership role with your dog. If you believe the aggression is mild, you may begin working on setting expectations and boundaries with your dog in a loving and positive manner. If you feel uncomfortable addressing the problem yourself, or feel the aggression is too serious  consider a professional dog trainer, or a behaviorist. When to Enlist Professional Help If you believe that your dog could put you, someone else or another animal in danger, it is necessary for responsible dog owners to keep their dog contained and seek professional help as soon as possible to determine the underlying problem solved immediately. Sometimes an aggressive dog can simply be, too much to handle. It may be necessary to first look for a foster program that specializes in aggressive dog rehabilitation. Look for one that can become the legal guardians of your dog. Euthanizing an aggressive dog should be the absolute last resort and only after an evaluation by a professional behaviorist, that confirms the inability of rehabilitation. The best way to help prevent unnecessary aggression in your dog is through consistent training and redirecting at the first sign of aggression. Remember to keep training positive; reward your dog for good behavior! Dr. Susan Wright DMV is a veterinarian with more than a decade of experience. Susan is a writer and serves as a dog bark collar expert. Dr. Wright and her staff share their love of dogs both professionally and personally by writing informational and entertaining pieces on the proper care of domestic animals.