Motor Home Insurance

If you only use a motorhome for several weeks of the year, why pay for a full year's insurance? Now you can buy your insurance for short periods of between one and 28 days each time, rather than pay for cover that you are not using.

That isn't all. Not only can you insure a motorhome that you own yourself, you can also cover one that you borrowed, or hired. As if that was not enough, other people can buy insurance for your motorhome, which means that you can make money by renting it out whilst you are not using it!

Want to take it to Europe? Not a problem, provided that you stay within the countries of the EU (EEC). Renting it to someone from abroad? Provided that the driver has held a full licence for at least a year, issued either within the EU, Australia or New Zealand that should not be a problem provided that the rest of the qualifying conditions are met. These include; the driver must be over the age of 25, with no more than six or eight penalty points on the driving licence. A reasonably accident free record would be expected, with no more than two fault claims in any three year period. As with most vehicle insurance policies, people with convictions over the last five years, or pending investigations, for offences involving violence, fraud, or other dishonesty would most probably not be accepted.

The vehicle to be insured must be a genuine original motorhome, complete with a dining area, at least one bed of minimum 6 foot length, wardrobes and cupboards, and it must not have been modified since purchase unless this was carried out to accommodate the requirements of a disabled driver or passengers. The maximum weight is 3.5 tonnes GVW and maximum engine size is 3000 cc. For reasons which are not entirely clear, insurers will not accept a vehicle which was originally manufactured in the USA!

Cover is comprehensive for use within the United Kingdom, and third-party only throughout the EU, although this can be upgraded to comprehensive for an extra premium. Roadside recovery is also available if required.

The vehicle is only to be used for social domestic and pleasure purposes, and not to be taken to any hazardous locations. No dangerous goods are to be carried, although LPG for cooking can be carried provided that it is in a proper commercial container.